Test your Knowledge on the Laws of the Game

Be the VAR app tests your knowledge on the Laws of the Game in scenario-based situations. You can challenge your friends to beat your score, challenge fans of other clubs. Which fans have the ultimate knowledge. Will referees beat managers and coaches or players, who will prevail? 

Who Wins: Man Utd Fans Vs Man City Fans , Liverpool Fans Vs Everton Fans
Ipswich Town Vs Norwich city Fans and so on, who knows the beautiful game the most.

Be the VAR is an Analysis of Sport Ltd company. 

Welcome to a list of questions and information regards the Be the VAR App

The App will be available on Android and IOS platforms.





Be the VAR is not to be confused with the IFAB App which is really worth downloading. IFAN App are the laws of the games, Be the VAR is here to test what you would do in particular situations and who really knows the laws of the game the best. 

As FAQ happen they will be Found Here: 

Practice Section:  

17 Laws over 100 questions : No time Limit, choose to the learn the laws you wish


 Challenge Section:

Easy, Medium and Hard: Questions are the same, but the time to answer them is not, less time more pressure , and accuracy needed only 10 Random Questions from all 17 Laws.. EASY …. Right! 

Video Poll: 

Match incidents to vote on what you would or wouldn’t do in a situation, you have the advantage of the referee , you can watch it over and over but what would you do. Look out for the new monthly show with Keys To Referee to discuss each months Polls. 


Kids Corner:

Kids can log in on their parents account with a different username or use their parents the choice is yours. 

Guess the Player: It might say its kids corner but really its for everyone, footballing icons from across the decades, can you guess who they are, starts off with text, but you do get an image. 

Challenge: Kids also get a challenge, some questions cross over vice versa with adult challenge but quite a few shorter questions.