Test your Knowledge on the Laws of the Game

Test your Knowledge on the Laws of the Game

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Be the VAR app tests your knowledge on the Laws of the Game in scenario-based situations. You can challenge your friends to beat your score, challenge fans of other clubs. Which fans have the ultimate knowledge. Will referees beat managers and coaches or players, who will prevail? 

Who Wins: Man Utd Fans Vs Man City Fans , Liverpool Fans Vs Everton Fans
Ipswich Town Vs Norwich city Fans and so on, who knows the beautiful game the most.

About Us

Anything which helps educate must be good, and the laws of the game are no different and we have the fantastic APP from IFAB   covering the laws of the game and everyone should download and use. We’ve created an app with matchday scenarios as an award winning education company platform EDLounge we pride ourselves helping, developing and educated. 
We’ve created Keys to Football and Keys to referee to help and develop people further, coaches, mentors, players, referees. 
The platform is government baclked and the app is here to help anyone who wants to understand the laws to learn how much they know and how much more there is to learn. 

With access to top referees and former top officials we hope it will help, and if the Be the Var app stops one coach shouting at a referee because he or she now know the Laws of the game then the world of football will be a better place. 

Be the VAR is part of the Analysis of Sport companies helping all sport players, officials, coaches and coaching the coaches. 
A platform to help people becaome the best they can be

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