Test your Knowledge on the Laws of the Game

Be the VAR app tests your knowledge on the Laws of the Game in scenario-based situations. You can challenge your friends to beat your score, challenge fans of other clubs. Which fans have the ultimate knowledge. Will referees beat managers and coaches or players, who will prevail? 

Who Wins: Man Utd Fans Vs Man City Fans , Liverpool Fans Vs Everton Fans
Ipswich Town Vs Norwich city Fans and so on, who knows the beautiful game the most.

The Competition

So whose winning, Players, coaches, referees, which teams throughout the world have the best knowledge of the laws of the game. Lets find out 

Be the VAR is not to be confused with the IFAB App which is really worth downloading, its priceless to have your phone. IFAB App are the laws of the games, Be the VAR is here to test what you would do in particular situations and who really knows the laws of the game the best. 
It will help you practice and challenge the speed of your knowledge  

The App consists of 4 Sections: 

Challenge (the clock is ticking) Video Poll 
Kids Corner: (guess the Player and the Kids Challenge)

Practice Section: 
You can find lots of questions in here with no time restraints, practice for the challenge the same questions are in both

The Challenge Section: How quick are you at following a scenario , Easy, Medium and Hard, the count down gets quicker. 
Random questions in no particular order 

They have the Child Challenge , a few easier questions than the adult version. 
They also get to Guess the player, which is good for adults and kids. 

Be the VAR what would you do, we will be bringing match incidents from around the world at all different levels of the game and asking you what would you do? Its always great to see how many different people think differently.

With so many iconic players throughout football worldwide, so we’ve created a small area to help our younger generations work out and remember the world class footballers. (maybe a modern footballer or two makes an appearance). When your kids visit Kids Corner they just might ask you about a player we wished we could watch again. 

Rugby League Cognitive Analysis